2️⃣Innovative Nail For You 혁신적인 네일만 기다려

“Diamont Beauty’s “Nail For You” service aims to revolutionize the beauty experience for users by providing more innovative and diverse functions.

Nail design categorization

“Nail For You” provides users with nail designs classified into various categories. Through this, users can find and share the nail art designs they want on the platform, and shops can also generate revenue by uploading their own designs and providing them to customers. This promotes the formation of beauty communities and the sharing economy.

Construction of the self-nail market

“Nail For You” wants to build a self-nail market. It helps users easily do their own nails at home without having to visit a nail salon. The platform sells and distributes a variety of nail-related products, and users can purchase gel nail stickers, tips, etc. to complete their own nail art at home. In addition, “Just Wait for Your Nails” plans to carry out ODM and OEM production through its own product branding in the future, providing customers with more choices and quality.

“Diamont Beauty’s “Nail For You” provides users with a more diverse nail art experience and provides innovative solutions in the nail art field. Users can freely enjoy nail art designs on the platform and experience “just wait for your nails” as part of shaping the future of the beauty industry.

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