“Hair It (tentative name)” is Diamont Beauty’s second innovative service, designed to conveniently reserve and use hair-related services. This service provides users with a variety of hair care and styling services and aims to drive innovation in the hair care industry.

Convenience of hair reservation

“Hair It” allows users to conveniently reserve and use hair services anytime, anywhere. Users can make reservations at various hair care shops according to the desired date and time, and can easily check the reservation status through the real-time reservation confirmation function. Additionally, users can enjoy a better hair styling experience by receiving hair styling information and recommendations through “Hair It.”

Benefits of an integrated membership system

Diamont Beauty's integrated membership system also applies to "Hair It" users. Through this, users can accumulate mileage when booking hair services and receive rewards through various activities such as writing reviews. These mileage can be used to purchase various services and products, discount benefits, etc., providing greater value to users.

Various hair services provided

"Hair It" provides a variety of hair services to meet users' diverse hair care needs. You can choose from a variety of services, including hair cutting, dyeing, perm, and styling, and provide personalized services tailored to customers' various hair styles.

Interaction with Hair Artist

“Hair It” allows users to interact with hair artists in real time. You can make detailed requests for the hairstyle you want and receive professional advice from a hair artist to achieve better hair styling results.

“Hair It” service provides users with better hair care and styling services and leads innovation in the hair care industry. Through “Hair It,” users can conveniently use hair reservations and services and enjoy a personalized hair styling experience. “Hair It” continues to promote innovation in the field of hair-related services and provides opportunities to enjoy beauty and hair styling more conveniently.

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