1️⃣Convenient Nail For You 편리한 네일만기다려

“Nail For You” is the first service on the Diamont Beauty platform. It is an innovative nail art integrated service in the modern beauty industry, providing users with a better beauty experience. This service offers the following core features and benefits.

Convenience of nail art reservation

“Nail For You” allows users to easily make nail art reservations anytime, anywhere. Users can make reservations at various nail art shops according to their desired date and time and can easily check the reservation status through the real-time reservation confirmation function.

Benefits of an integrated membership system

Diamont Beauty's integrated membership system allows users to accumulate mileage when booking nail art services and receive rewards through various activities, such as writing reviews. This mileage can be used to purchase various services and products, discount benefits, etc., providing greater value to users.

Various payment options

“Nail For You” supports a variety of payment options. Overseas users can easily pay through cryptocurrency payments and can enjoy savings and discount benefits through a payment system linked to the integrated membership system.

Communication with nail artists

Users can interact with nail artists in real time and make detailed requests for desired designs. This allows you to enjoy a personalized nail art experience.

“Diamont Beauty’s “Nail For You” service provides users with a convenient and satisfying nail art service, and further seeks to establish itself as an innovative platform in the beauty industry. Through this service, you will be able to experience beauty more easily and receive personalized service.

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